Using loving holds and touch you and your newborn will enjoy a mutual discovery experience in the water from birth. During the first two months of life, it is not recommended to start your baby swimming in the pool. There are, however, benefits in introducing your little dolphin to water, play and relaxation. Our newborn sessions create an important bridge between birth and baby’s first swimming lesson. Aquatic Nurture can be done from the comfort of your own home via a private zoom session.

To complete the experience, after the bath, Becky will lead you through some baby massage strokes. Baby massage enhances neurological development, relieves discomfort and aids relaxation. Many babies naturally love water and playing in the bath, and you will discover a wonderful way to entertain your baby and get them to engage with their world around them.

Aquatic Nurture For Newborns

This unique class provides a special focused time to deepen your bonding whilst helping you to understand and respond to your baby’s nonverbal cues. It increases your ability to help your baby relax in times of stress and gives you time to communicate more actively with your baby. Importantly, although many babies love water from the start, aquatic nurture helps your child get used to the water and your presence, which can help prevent “water wobbles” later and encourage trust in new situations.

Introducing your baby to water this early has many benefits:
  • Encourages movement, balance and sensory
  • Helps to create wonderful connection, bonding time and memories
  • Compliments baby breastfeeding
  • Allows the other parent to get involved

This is the first step in your baby’s swimming journey and by becoming comfortable in the water at home, we aim to create a smooth transition to the swimming pool at 8 weeks old.


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