Postnatal Aqua Yoga

Postnatal Aqua Yoga is a class to promote optimum health using movement, balance & relaxation to allow a mother’s body to recover from childbirth. Water is a wonderfully soothing place for those who have just given birth; it is therapeutic and supportive. As your body feels weightless in the water you are able to move, breath and stretch easier than on dry land.

Our Postnatal Yoga classes are here to support you both physically and emotionally on your journey as a new mother.

An Aquanatal Yoga Class for Pregnant Women in Oldham


Complete exercise for the whole body
Strengthens the pelvic floor
Tones the abdominal muscles
Promotes relaxation
Improves blood flow
Increases flexibispanty
Promotes mother & baby bonding
Water confidence for baby

You can begin Postnatal Aqua Yoga once you have had the all clear at your 6 week post-natal check-up.

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